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How to Create New Gmail Accounts One of the most common services of Google, which has entered our lives as a search engine, is gmail, google’s own e-mail provider. The e-mail service provided by Google, which undertakes many paid and free services, is free. The Google platform, where you can manage all its services through a single account, is one of the most used mail applications in the world. Google’s motto is “One account. All of Google working for you”. If you do not have a gmail yet, follow the steps below to take advantage of the services offered by Google immediately. Contents [hide] 1 ⭐Create a Gmail Account Step-By-Step 2 ⭐How to Create New Gmail Accounts ⭐Create a Gmail Account Step-By-Step How to Create New Gmail Accounts How to Create New Gmail Accounts ⭐How to Create New Gmail Accounts Step 1: Go to, which you can access via Google’s own search engine. Having an inbox on the page that comes up means that you have a gmail session on your computer. If the opened account belongs to you, you can use it, if not, click the Logout button on the top right tab. Step 2: In the tab that opens, you are asked to confirm and verify your name, surname, the username you prefer and the password you will set. We would like to remind you that the username you prefer will be valid for all Google accounts and the e-mails you send will be delivered via this address. The password you will specify must be more than 8 characters and consist of letters, numbers and symbols. After the required fields are filled, the Next button is clicked. How to Create New Gmail Accounts Step 3: In the new tab, Google asks you for a phone number, optionally an email address, date of birth and gender. If you want to know why you want this information about you, you can click the “Why we ask for this information” link on the left bottom. It is recommended to add at least one of the phone number and optional e-mail address in order to ensure the security of your account and to protect your account in cases such as forgotten password, stolen account. How to Create New Gmail Accounts Step 4: It is recommended that you carefully read and understand the Privacy and Terms that you come across. You will see the More Option button down. You can create your Custom Google settings such as Youtube History, Ads Personalization, Web & App Activity. Also, with Send me occasional reminders about these settings, you can follow the information you will receive at certain intervals. After completing these processes, click on the I aggregate button. How to Create New Gmail Accounts How to Create New Gmail Accounts Step 5: The steps to create a Gmail account have been completed. Google has transferred you directly to your homepage where you can use all your services.

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